Despina-Marina Koutsoubou

Special Orthodontist DDS MSc

She got into the Dental School of the University of Athens in 2003 and finished her studies there in 2008.

She worked as a general dentist in a private practice until she got accepted in the 3-year post graduate program in Orthodontics in Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden. She completed her training there, obtaining a Master in odontology with specialization in Orthodontics (MSc) in December 2013.

She got certified as a registered Orthodontist after taking the ministry of health exam in Greece and she is a certified user of special orthodontic techniques.

Since 2015 she is in charge of the orthodontic department of two clinics in the Netherlands and she is currently in charge of the orthodontic clinic in Agia Paraskevi.

First Consultation

Findings capturing & taken of medical history

During the first visit, the findings are recorded and a history is taken, always based on the main concern of the patient.

If necessary, we perform an intraoral digital scan (as a replacement for classic impressions "measures" for study casts) with TRIOS (3Shape) which enables the interested party to understand our findings in depth and see a first “prediction” of the final corrected image (treatment simulation).

Aesthetic Choices

Braces for every need & aesthetic preference

Orthodontics can be performed with a number of aesthetic, discreet methods.

  • Ceramic (transparent) brackets

The most common and economical solution for a more discreet appearance during treatment.

  • Lingual brackets

100% personalized braces created for each patient after digital intraoral scan without fingerprints with the scanner Trios (3Shape).

  • Transparent aligners

Dental-mainly-inconsistencies can be corrected with this technique, which consists of a series of consecutive membranes that must be in the mouth almost all the time except eating and brushing.

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