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What is orthodontics

Orthodontics is a recognized specialty of dentistry that deals with discrepancies of teeth and jaws that create functional and aesthetic problems in the orofacial complex.

Why Should You Consult An Orthodontist?

What is a specialist orthodontist

The orthodontist is a dentist with at least three years of further full-time academic and clinical training in the field of orthodontics and works exclusively with the treatment of these discrepancies, creating a beautiful, healthy smile that contributes decisively to the improvement of the overall quality of life.

In addition to a beautiful smile, orthodontics helps in the functional restoration of the mouth and the surrounding tissues, contributing to the creation of a harmonious profile with a balance between hard (teeth, jaws) and soft (lips, chin) features.

Digital orthodontics

Our goal is to bring the best possible solution to each patient that trusts us with their concern.

We achieve this primarily by thorough analysis and planning before actually starting the orthodontic treatment. Digital tools come in, via our digital scanner (3Shape, Trios) which we have implemented in our first visit since 2018, and through the use of high quality softwares for the analysis of xrays/photos and of course for the actual planning of each treatment.

We can now plan the desired movements with high predictability, so as to reach our final treatment goal correctly and as fast as possible.

Digital orthodontics is not therefore placing the treatment in “autopilot”. It is actually the merge of thorough knowledge and clinical experience with the most advanced technological aids, so that each of our patients receive optimum treatment.